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BOG Faculty Rule 4.3 Sabbatical Leave

BOG Faculty Rule 4.3 - Sabbatical Leave
Responsible Unit:  Office of the Provost
Amended: [TBD]
Adopted:  April 20, 2018
Effective:  May 14, 2018
Review Date:  April 2021


1.1 This Rule establishes the University’s sabbatical leave policy for its Faculty. Sabbatical leave may be granted to Faculty so that they may engage in research, writing, or other activity calculated to contribute to their professional development and overall value to the University.

1.2 This Rule applies to all Faculty at West Virginia University, including West Virginia University Institute of Technology and Potomac State College of West Virginia University.


2.1 Approval Generally.

2.1.1 The approval of Sabbatical Leave is not automatic nor is the University required to approve Sabbatical Leave for any particular Faculty Member.

2.1.2 The approval of a Sabbatical Leave request shall depend upon the merits of the individual request and the needs of the University.

2.1.3 All Sabbatical Leave requests must be approved by the Provost.

2.2 Eligibility.

2.2.1 Faculty are eligible for Sabbatical Leave after completion of at least six (6) years of full-time employment as a Faculty Member at the University. A maximum of two regular semesters in either an authorized part-time status or an authorized unpaid leave of absence may be counted toward eligibility for Sabbatical Leave; provided that, in the latter instance the leave of absence was for appropriate professional purposes. Separate summer school employment shall not be counted toward eligibility for Sabbatical Leave.

2.2.2 After completing a Sabbatical Leave, a Faculty Member shall not be eligible for another Sabbatical Leave until the seventh (7th) subsequent year as a regular member of the Faculty.

2.2.3 Upon a showing of good cause by the Faculty Member, the Provost may grant exceptions to these eligibility requirements.

2.3 Procedures.

2.3.1 The Provost shall develop a procedure and application process for Faculty to apply for Sabbatical Leave.

2.3.2 At a minimum, the applicant for Sabbatical Leave shall submit, in writing, a detailed plan of the activity that he/she proposes to follow while on Sabbatical Leave. The plan, as approved by the Provost, will represent the Faculty Member’s assignment during the Sabbatical Leave period. The approved plan shall not be modified without the written consent of the Provost.

2.4 Compensation and Rank.

2.4.1 A Faculty Member on Sabbatical Leave shall receive one-half (1/2) of the full salary for the nine-month or twelve-month contract period. The maximum compensation will not exceed one-half (1/2) of the annual salary regardless of the length of Sabbatical Leave.

2.4.2 A Faculty Member’s institutional position, status, and rank shall not be adversely affected solely by his or her assignment while on Sabbatical Leave.


3.1 While on Sabbatical Leave, Faculty Members may not accept remunerative employment without the written consent of the Provost. Provided that, fellowships, grants, assistantships, and similar stipends shall not be considered remunerative employment.

3.2 The Faculty Member is obligated to return for a full contract year of service upon completion of the leave. Failure to return will obligate the Faculty Member to reimburse the University in full for salary and benefits received during his or her Sabbatical Leave.


4.1 “Faculty” and “Faculty Member” are defined in BOG Faculty R. 4.2 – Promotion and Tenure.

4.2. “Full-time” means a 1.0 full-time equivalent position.

4.3 “Provost” means the Provost of the University or Provost’s designee.

4.4 “Sabbatical Leave” means a leave of absence for no more than one contract year to pursue research, writing, or other activity calculated to contribute to the professional development of a faculty member and their overall value to the University.


5.1 The Board of Governors delegates to the Provost the authority to adopt additional academic affairs internal policies and procedures to effectuate the implementation of this Board of Governors Rule or in furtherance of any other authority that the Board of Governors has specifically delegated to the President pursuant to this Rule. Any actions taken pursuant to this delegation must be consistent with the guidelines provided by this Rule.


6.1 W. Va. Code § 18B-1-6, § 18B-8-3, and § 18B-8-7.


7.1 This Rule supersedes and replaces any Rule of the Higher Education Policy Commission which relates to the subject matter contained within this Rule. This Rule also repeals and supersedes WVU BOG Policy 3 – Sabbatical Leave, which was adopted April 12, 2002, and any other internal academic affairs policy or procedure which relates to the subject matter contained within this Rule.

Effective: May 14, 2018


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