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BOG Faculty Rule 4.6 Adjunct Faculty

BOG Faculty Rule 4.6 - Adjunct Faculty
Responsible Unit:  Office of the Provost
Amended: [TBD]
Adopted:  April 20, 2018
Effective:  May 14, 2018
Review Date:  April 2021


1.1 West Virginia University is committed to using an appropriate cadre of traditional faculty who provide continuity in high-quality instruction, research, scholarship, creative activity, and service. However, the University also recognizes that significant contributions to the University mission can be made by highly qualified faculty members who fill Adjunct Faculty roles.

1.2 This Rule defines the role of Adjunct Faculty at West Virginia University, including West Virginia University Institute of Technology and Potomac State College of West Virginia University.


2.1 Employment of Adjunct Faculty.

2.1.1 As deemed appropriate by the Provost, the University may hire Adjunct Faculty in order to utilize academic expertise that is locally available; to address programmatic necessity; to address budgetary constraints; and to respond to special circumstances.

2.1.2 Adjunct Faculty may be granted paid part-time faculty appointments for one semester or one academic year at a time. At the discretion of the Provost based upon University needs, these appointments can be renewed for subsequent semesters or academic years. Such appointments may not exceed 0.80 FTE and may be benefits-eligible, subject to University policies.

2.1.3 Unpaid or volunteer Adjunct Faculty can be granted a courtesy appointment for longer than one semester or one academic year.

2.1.4 Adjunct Faculty should be integrated into their unit based on their assignment.

2.1.5 Adjunct Faculty must abide by all applicable Board of Governors Rules regarding faculty.

2.2 Balance Between Full-Time and Part-Time Adjunct Faculty.

2.2.1 The balance between remunerated full-time faculty and remunerated Adjunct Faculty shall not exceed the national average for institutions with similar missions based on US Department of Education data.


3.1 “Adjunct Faculty” means faculty who are remunerated part-time employees or who are unpaid volunteers with a courtesy title.

3.2 “Full-time” means a 1.0 full-time equivalent position for the contract year..

3.3 “Provost” means the Provost of the University or the Provost’s designee.


4.1 The Board of Governors delegates to the Provost the authority to adopt additional internal policies and procedures to effectuate the implementation of this Board of Governors Rule or in furtherance of any other authority that the Board of Governors has specifically delegated to the President pursuant to this Rule. Any actions taken pursuant to this delegation must be consistent with the guidelines provided by this Rule.


5.1 W. Va. Code §18B-1-6, § 18B-8-6, and § 18B-8-7.


6.1 This Rule supersedes and replaces any Rule of the Higher Education Policy Commission which relates to the subject matter contained within this Rule. This Rule also repeals and supersedes WVU BOG Policy 12 – Adjunct Faculty, which was adopted September 5, 2003, and any other internal academic affairs policy or procedure which relates to the subject matter contained within this Rule.

Effective: May 14, 2018


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  • Repeal - BOG Policy 12. (repeal by BOG, effective May 14, 2018) PDF  PDF icon