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Tobacco and Smoking Cessation Resources

Breathe Well, Live Well

This WVU Medicine six-week (one hour per session) smoking cessation program is led by a team consisting of a certified tobacco cessation counselor and a doctor of pharmacy. Various strategies to assist in quitting tobacco are discussed, and program leaders provide advice and resources to participants on obtaining nicotine replacement products.

Class attendees choose a quit date and make plans for success. Two meetings are held after the quit date to reinforce cessation and deal with any relapse. There is no cost to participate in the program. Call WVU’s Cancer Prevention line at 304-293-2370 to sign up. View this document for more information.

WVU Insurance Plan Benefits Available to Benefits-Eligible Faculty and Staff

For WVU benefits-eligible employees, cessation services are available through insurance plans:

  • PEIA PPB Plans A, B and D provide benefits for participants who wish to quit smoking or smokeless tobacco products. These products not only include cigarettes and cigars, but also smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes and vaping. To access this benefit, visit your primary care provider. 
  • PEIA will cover an initial and follow-up visit to your physician or nurse practitioner. Tobacco-cessation products (both prescription and non-prescription) are available at no cost when prescribed by a physician and purchased through a network pharmacy. Both the deductible and the copayment are waived. PEIA will cover two 12-week cycles of drug therapy even if more than one type of therapy is used. If extended therapy is required, the provider must submit a written appeal to the director of PEIA with proof of medical necessity.
  • You can use the benefit (office visits and prescriptions) twice per year (i.e., rolling 12-month period). For pregnant participants, PEIA will provide 100% coverage for the tobacco-cessation benefit during any pregnancy. For more information and details about which tobacco-cessation products are covered under the Affordable Care Act Preventive Services, visit the PEIA cessation services website, call 888-680-7342 or email .
  • Health Plan offers a free program to help individuals who wish to stop smoking, rubbing and chewing tobacco products by participating in an eight-week session to learn ways to change habits. To preregister, call 800-624-6961 ext. 6974 or 740-695- 6974. To learn more about drug benefits to help you quit, call 800-624-6961 ext. 7510 or 740-695-7510. For general information about the program, visit the Health Plan  website.

WVU Health Insurance Benefits Available to Students

WVU students (graduate and undergraduate) covered under Aetna Student Health Insurance are provided “use of tobacco products counseling office visits,” which are covered at 100% of the negotiated charge per visit. No copayment or policy-year deductible applies. Call 866-654-2338 for more information. You also may view this document .

West Virginia Tobacco QuitLine

Some West Virginians are eligible to receive free phone coaching services and free nicotine replacement products through the West Virginia Tobacco QuitLine. Call 877-966-8784 for more information. You also may visit the West Virginia Tobacco QuitLine website.

National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute also operates a QuitLine, which is open to anyone who calls. QuitLine is free and anonymous and provides smoking cessation counseling. The program does not offer nicotine replacement therapy. QuitLine can be reached at 877-448-7848. Smoke-free apps are available at

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