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List of Innovation Centers as Specifically Designated by the President

Pursuant to BOG Governance Rule1.5 – Intellectual Property Rule for Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Rights (“Rule 1.5”) , Section 8.6, the following is a list of “Innovation Centers” as specifically designated by the President where Intellectual Property conceived and first actually reduced to practice by a Student during the Student’s use of University Innovation Centers is exempted from Rule 1.5 and shall be owned by the Student unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the University and Student or the Intellectual Property is created as part of internal, third-party, or sponsored research or development activities:

  • The LaunchLab - Morgantown (Evansdale Crossing, Rec Center Drive Suite 413, Morgantown, WV; 62 Morrill Way, Suite 413, Morgantown, WV);
  • The LaunchLab - Beckley (Innovation Building, WVU Tech, 282 Minnesota Ave., Beckley, WV);
  • The Hospitality Innovation and Technology Lab (“HITLAB,” managed by the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, 62 Morrill Way, 3rd Floor, Morgantown, WV);
  • The Brickstreet Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (managed by the John Chambers College of Business and Economics; 2161 University Ave, Suite 450, Morgantown, WV);
  • Vantage Ventures (managed by the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, 2156 University Ave., Suite 400, Morgantown, WV);
  • The Reed College of Media, Media Innovation Center (62 Morrill Way, 4th Floor, Morgantown, WV);
  • The Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources Innovation Hub (Engineering Sciences Building Room G85 (rapid prototyping), Room G86 (advanced prototyping), Room G75 (electronics/coding), and Room G59 (metal 3D printing facility).